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Activity 19 Journal Writing

Answer #5, p. 29

Write about your experience learning English. Why are you studying English? How do you feel about English? What is easy for you to understand in English? what are some difficulties you have in English?

Use an A4 paper. Double-spaced. Include the date, September ___, 2006. Write in paragraph form. Submit a printed copy of this assignment.

I have started to learn English, since I was 12 years old. Then I have felt learning English that’s not easy. I have had trouble learning a second language. But I don’t give up. I always look for great learning ways. How can help me to improve in English?

Some people tought me several ways to make learning English a little easier and more interesting. First, Don’t fear speaking in English. Second, Don’t worry to make mistakes. And you can learn from your mistakes. Third, To practice your question again and again until you understand. In other words, I have to study very very hardly.

After I got these ways. I enioy studying English that likes to give a challenge with myself. That’s interesting from time to time. And I’ll feel more confidence myself. Sometimes, teachers write the explanation on the blackboard that it’s easy to understand something for me in English.

Now I still have some difficulties in learning English. For Example, know few vocabulary, listening is not well, and expression isn’t fluent that it’s stammering. I did study hardly and practice all the time. I hope I can improve continuously in English.

Reisa Tseng(PE2A,2094200034) Sep. 21, 2006
September 27, 2006 by Daniel Hung
School Number:2094200059

When I was a child, I liked to read even only knew a few words.I read the pictures inside the books instead of words. Sometimes I read about foreign nobles. I always interesting to the pictures about the foreign world.
When I went to junior high school, I started my first formal class in English.Suddenly, I found I enjoy going to English class. Studying English books never let me get tired of it. And soon, I knew I found a gate to the world. So I take every chance keep learning English. As so far, I think the movie speaking English is easy for me to understand. The difficulties of my studying in English are listening, reading and writing.
I really glad I can go to Aiden's class. I wish I can improve a lot at writing with Aiden's teaching.
When I was a elementary school’s student, my oldest brother was a junior high school’s student, he is older six years old than me, so I learned English very early, but always studied from about music programs, MTV, ICRT, music video tapes, some things like that, I think I perhaps known English’s songs more than my native’s songs.
English is a very lovely language to me. It’s sounds beautiful, likes fantastic scenery alluring me, if I can talk like an American, wow; it’s a wonderful thing to me. But English is always difficulty to me, I know my problems, no patience, no times, too many reasons about work, I even give up my English, but now is different, I improved my English very much since I studied in Wenzao last year, there has agree with conditions, it can help me to improve my English’s skills. That is easy to understand English for me.

Name:Elory Date:September 28 2006 Student Number:2094200047
Thank you all for putting your work here. Please don't forget that you need to type and submit a printed copy of this assignment.

My name is Nanir Lin , and I major in English now .When I’m in junior high school I hated English very much . Also my English grades is very bad .One day I met a English teacher who has graduated from Wenzau . She gave me the inteteste of learning English . Gradually , my English grades is improve a lot , then I like this subject more and more .
I’ve worked for a few years after I graduated from senior high school . Until last year I told myself that I don’t want to give up the chance to improve English . So I joined the examination .
The difficulty part of learning English to me is “ Speaking ” . Sometimes when I wanna say something , but I can’t think out the words that I want to say .Due to this reason I can not connect influence , too .
I really want to improve my English ability , and I tried some ways . For example , I listen ICRT and speak the sentences in the books and newspaper . I wish I could be wonderful in any part in English .
September 21 2006 by Nanir Lin
School Number: 2094200066
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