Monday, June 25, 2007


Basic Writing Class Post-Course Survey

This survey will help gauge the effectiveness of online tools used in this course on your writing. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

Click Here to take survey

Dear Aiden:
I finished the survey twice. I do not know if you received. Thanks for your reminding.

Doreen Chang
Thanks Doreen.

You only had to take it once :-)
Dear Aiden:
This is Vicky from PE2C. I think this class really helps us for writing an essay or making a composition. Thanks for your teaching.
Thanks Vicky for your lovely compliments.

Dear Aiden:
This is Selina from PE2C.This class helps me a lot,I now feel more confident in writing.
Thanks for your teaching.
Thanks Selina! I hope that you'll continue on writing- you've got a knack for it!

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